EPE publishes the “Atlas of Energy Efficiency in Brazil - Indicators Report"

EPE publishes the "Atlas of Energy Efficiency in Brazil - Indicators Report", which contains the monitoring of the progress of energy efficiency in different sectors of the country's economy over the years. This is the third EPE publication on the subject.

This report contains an international benchmarking chapter, in which Brazil's energy efficiency indicators for the industrial, residential and transport sectors are compared with those of other selected countries. This work is the result of technical cooperation between the International Energy Agency (IEA) and EPE. It represents a milestone in the relationship between the two institutions and is the result of the first comprehensive exchange of data between the IEA and an associated (non-member) country in Latin America.

To access the report, click here.

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17/02/2020 - In order to disseminate the main results of the Brazilian Offshore Wind Roadmap (full report available only in Portuguese) to international agents, the Energy Research Office – EPE has just made available the English version of the interactive content page about the study.

EPE launches: Report on Investments and Operating and Maintenance Costs in the Biofuels Sector

10/02/2020 - The Report on Investments and Operating and Maintenance Costs in the Biofuels Sector, prepared by the Biofuels Area of the Oil, Natural Gas and Biofuels Studies Divison of the Energy Research Office, aims to present the calculation methodology, assumptions, investment estimates (CAPEX) and operating and maintenance costs (OPEX) related to sugar cane ethanol (1G, 2G), corn ethanol, biodiesel and biogas (sugar-energy sector), until 2030.

EPE launches Analysis Of Biofuels´Current Outlook 2018 - English Edition

05/02/2020 - In this special ten-year edition, the highlights in the biofuels sector were the records in the production of ethanol and biodiesel, reaching 32.3 billion and 5.4 billion liters, respectively. A new section was also inserted to monitor the actions of the National Biofuels Policy (RenovaBio).

EPE launches a new Technical Note regarding PV projects on Brazilian Energy auctions

27/01/2020 - The new Technical Note from the series “PV Projects on Brazilian Energy Auctions” is available, including information of the Brazilian regulated market auctions from the year 2019. The document presents a summary of the source on the auctions A-4/2019 and A-6/2019, and discusses aspects of submission and technical qualification.

Brazilian Oil & Gas Industry Report 2018/2019

19/12/2019 - The following report gives an overview of the Brazilian oil and gas industry over the past months. The report addresses the setting of both the upstream and downstream, including licensing rounds, mature field production, investments, government initiatives and infrastructure projects.